Best Niche for Adsense Approval

Best Niche for Adsense Approval

Best Niche for Adsense – guys today we are discussing best niche for Adsense approval, why people are not getting approval on Google Adsense or any other advertising company. So, let’s get started

Google like healthy and original content, if you are copy and pasting from other website and not giving the credit so simply forget about it that you will get Adsense approval. Google and any other advertising company need professional and healthy themes and articles to satisfy the advertisers. Same for Adsense,, Bidvertiser, and Chitika etc and adsense do not like too many images and most complex themes, simply use a simple theme and write a quality content that’s it. you will get your Google Adsense approval.

Best Niche for Adsense –

  1. Apply a simple theme- Apply a simple theme means that apply a simple theme but professional look theme, that attract the publisher’s eye. Google doesn’t like too many photos try not to give more than 2-3 photo in an article.
  2. Buy a .com domain – Buying a .com domain is necessary because google do not like subdomain like(, .com extension is important because people generally search .com. Simply .com is more preferable and this one great niche for adsense approval.
  3. Write more articles- Write more articles means that at least write 5 articles for each of your categories in the website, people generally write articles all the articles in one category, that should not happen write at least 5 articles in each of your categories. Write healthy and non-copy from other websites, if you are copying from other websites then forgot for adsense approval.
  4. Regularity- You have to be regular and write daily articles, write at least one article in a day. When you send the approval to adsense then try as many articles that you can in that three days, but healthy articles non-copy articles.
  5. Traffic- Traffic here means the real visitors do not try to refresh the page you have to rank up the website and to get visitors. Do not send for approval in that day off when you have made the website and wrote the articles as Google is not stupid, he knows everything that you are genuine, google likes genuine people.

6. Pages– Pages here means, you have to make 5 pages. The pages are(Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy) remember these guys this is most important thing for Adsense approval.

It’s not hard to get Google Adsense approval, just you have to be genuine and original because Google needs you they have to satisfy their advertisers so Google needs you. Simply be original and hard working and I am sure you can earn great from google adsense. If you ask summary then buy a .com extension and made a website with 5 pages(homepage, About Us, Disclaimer, Contact Us and Privacy Policy) write more articles make your site healthy, make backlinks and rank up your site and get traffic and get your Google Adsense and complete your dream. So, this is the best niche for adsense and adding google adsense to wordpress blog is also very important.


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