Lenovo G50-80 Review


Hellow guys and welcome to our review on Lenovo G50-80, the best Laptop for you in a low budget, So let’s scroll down and see-

                                 Lenovo G50-80 Review



The display of Lenovo is very bright and the buyer is getting about 15.6-inch widescreen so you can enjoy watching movies on this laptop, and the resolution is about 1366 x 768 intel high definition graphics in a laptop, you can also enjoy playing games well.

Supportable Operating System(OS)-

When you will buy the Lenovo G50-80 from online then you will get Linux os on the laptop but you can also install OS up to win10,but I suggest you install win8.1 which are best for the laptop, you can play many games new style of windows in win8.1 Fast boot load, you can personalise the laptop screen by your own, the face lock security is also available so, you don, need to fear about anyone will unlock your laptop.

Blu-ray Disc/DVD drive

Saying about the Blu-ray Disc/DVD drive it’s very smooth and gets loads fast no need to wait for few seconds, you can play videos or run some documents or software’s without any delay and smooth runs, you can enjoy playing videos smoothly.Installation of software is also very fast.

Fast Transfer Files-

About the Data transfer, the transfer of files to Lenovo G50 to the other devices with USB 3.0 is 10% faster than the other USB technology,so you don’t need to wait for when the file get copied,you need to wait for few seconds and then you will see its get copied to the another device.But don’t use the half broken USB or very old devices like pen drives, sircuitUSB output hard disc, it can harm the laptop USB port or slow down the speed of transfer files, because circuit board of the devices are too old and doesn’t run faster and your Lenovo will try to copy it faster but when it can’t then it get harmed.


When you start typing on the keyboard or playing games then you will feel so awesome, it’s too smooth keyboard has island-style, ergonomic keys that allow a more fluid, spacious, comfortable and a standard keyboard design, the mouse pad is also so fast and smooth to play smooth games.


Lenovo battery backup is very good and it protects a long time durability, upto 4hrs, so you don’t need to get fear about power cut on doing any official work, if you play movies then also the power will also get remained



Lenovo G50 is giving you 720p HD web camera which will help you to make an HD video calling, selfies in bed, classroom, office etc in 720p quality.


Saying about the connectivity its having 802.11 b/g/n wifi connectivity, so it can connect So far wifi connections, and also you will able to connect Bluetooth, so no worry about the internet, whenever and where ever connect your internet.

Audio Dolby sound-

Thanks to its stereo speakers with Dolby Advanced Audio, and up to AMD Radeon™ R5 M230 2GB 3D graphics, the G50 offers stunning, stutter-free visuals and immersive sound for a fuller, more satisfying home entertainment experience.

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