Top 5 Indian Independent YouTubers

Top 5 indian independent youtubers News buffallo

Top 5 Indian Independent YouTubers- Independent Youtubers means the Youtubers that they work hard and make content. These YouTubers are alone and make their own content, so basically they dependent on the Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing and some Sponsorship (not huge). So let’s see who they are, Top 5 Indian Independent YouTubers.

Top 5 Indian Independent YouTubers –

1) Ur Indian Consumer –

Ur Indian Consumer Or Prasad Vedpathak is a Full-time Youtuber and runs a Consumer Related Channel. He is the Perfect example of Independent Youtuber, he thinks about his Subscribers more than him, His channel will teach you how you can use your right where and correctly, Once he made a Petition on the online market refund system and that Petition was a grand success. Which is huge. He started with zero and now he is one of the India’s most followed Youtuber. He also makes weekly vlogs on every Tuesday in which he describes his daily life to the consumers.

Link to his YouTube Channel -) Ur Indian Consumer

2) Mumbaiker Nikhil –

Mumbiker Nikhil is a Moto-vlogger and Full Time Youtuber. He makes vlogs on his life and riding. He is one of the fastest and best Moto-Vlogger in India. If you want to know about Mumbai do check him out, he makes amazing video’s and he is one of the fastest growing channels in YouTube India. He has ridden almost the whole India by his bike, his video like Ladakh to Kanyakumari. Mumbai to Bangalore in just 28 hrs. His bikes are KTM duke 390, eliminator 180 and activa 100. He recently reached 300K Subscribers.

Link to his YouTube channel -) Mumbaiker Nikhil

3) Technical Guruji –

Technical guruji News Bufffallo

If you are social then you probably know Technical Guruji Or Gaurav Chaudhary. He has the Technical Channel, not the unboxing, review but he explains the pure tech like “what’s Gps what the users, speed of NASA, how technology works, he is awesome and hardworking. He is Part time YouTuber means that he has a family business in Dubai and he also does the YouTube. And he have Fastest Technical channel in India who hits 1 Million Subscribers. He hit 1 Million Subscribers in One Year. The Best of Gaurav is the Unbuyest review to the public. He is fully honest to the public. The Public attracts because of simplicity of the Gaurav. And he always uses our National language Hindi.

Link to his YouTube channel -) Technical Guruji

4) Carry Minati –

Carry Minati News Buffallo

Carry Minati is a roast channel, which basically insults People with their permission. So Ajey Nagar as Carry Minati is the owner, He is only 17 Yrs old and he has over 900K Subscribers, which is Insane. He reads in Class 12 and does YouTube as a hobby. He is uploading the video on Youtube from 2010. He is not famous from his 1st channel, he has another 2 channel which did not get hit, as he was uploading football tricks and gameplay video, then in 2014 he started to Roast people on his channel, and people appreciate it and now he is here with 900K+ Subs. In 2016 his channel was the fastest growing in the Comedy section. He is seriously inspiring as he is failing in YouTube for 5 years without the income and now you can see where he is. So, ” Top 5 Indian Independent YouTube”

Link to his YouTube channel -)  Carry Minati

5) BB Ki Vines –

BB Ki Vines News Buffallo

Bhuvan Bam or BB Ki Vines, you probably know who is BB Ki Vines basically he is Comedian with the various character which is done by himself only. He is India’s most Subscribed channel. His main goal is singing and wants to work in Bollywood. He first sang in the Bar’s for 8 years and he writes and composes songs too. He is the most Subscribed channel of 2016 and 2017 in India. He has over 3.8 B views on his channel. Actually, his production on per video is zero because he uses the front camera of  Nexus 5P. He is a sensational YouTuber and really Inspiring to all. When anyone is depressed or Pissed  off just see his video, it will surely make your day.

Link to his YouTube channel -) BB Ki Vines

So,  Guys, this is the article for the Top 5 Indian Independent YouTuber. I really appreciate their work, they all are really inspiring and started with zero and they all are sensational.


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