Top 5 Places To Visit In Germany

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Top 5 Places To Visit In Germany – Hello Guys Here We Got For You The Top 5 Places Of Germany Where You Should Go For A Trip, LetsSo Without Any DeLet’s Scroll Down-

Top 5 Places To Visit In Germany –

1) Goslar

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Gorgeous Goslar is a tourist hub Founded by Heinrich I in 1922 Its beautiful medieval Altstadt and UNESCO World Heritage–listed Rammelsberg mine attract visitors by the busload, especially in the summer, when it’s best to book ahead.s Kaiserpfalz (Imperial Palace) was the seat of the Saxon kings from 1005 to 1219. Goslar fell into decline after the second period of prosperity in the 14th and 15th centuries, relinquishing its mine to Braunschweig in 1552 and then its soul to Prussia in 1802. Post-WWII, it was the most important town west of the former border between the Western and Eastern Harz.Still today the view of the townscape with the steeples of the five large parish churches is impressive when viewed from the knoll upon which the Imperial Palace stands.

2) Dresden Frauenkirche

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The name Frauenkirche is commonly used in about 40 cities throughout Germany, including Meiben, Munich, Nuremberg, and Bremen. They can also be found in other European countries such as Belgium or France, where they are called Notre Dame, or Our Lady, and refer to Mary, the mother of Jesus. A Frauenkirche is a church that has been or is consecrated in honor of the Virgin Mary.The original name of the Dresden Frauenkirche was “Unserer Lieben Frauen,” which dates back to the time the church was founded in the early-mid 1700s. The name was shortened over time to ‘Frauenkirche’ and even retained after the Reformation despite the fact that the Protestant Church displays no adoration of the Virgin Mary.

3) Hofbrauhaus & Beer Garden

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Hofbrau Beer Garden Panama City Beach, bringing a touch of Bavaria to the beautiful beaches of the Emerald Coast. Our food is authentic, featuring a menu of Bavarian Specialties, developed by a Master German Chef. With authentic tables and benches from the original Munchen Hofbrauhaus, our customers will find themselves transported to legendary Munich beer hall. Outside, our beer garden entices our visitors to soak up some of that famous Florida sun, all the while enjoying a crisp, cold Bavarian brew.
A visit to Hofbrau Beer Garden will be filled with “Gemutlichkeit”, a word that has no exact translation, best described as a feeling of comfort and social belonging. A true Hofbrau experience is meeting as strangers and leaving as friends. So, if your table is not full, make room for others, introduce yourself to your neighbors.

4) Cologne Cathedral

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The present cathedral was built on the site of a Roman temple from the 4th century that is known as the “old cathedral”. The “old cathedral” was completed in the year 818 and in the year 1248, it was burnt. On August 15th, that same year, the construction of the present cathedral began. Since then, several structures were added during different centuries. The eastern section of the cathedral was completed in the year 1322 under the supervision of Master Gerhard. In the 14th century, the construction of the towers began under the supervision of Master Michael, but the work was halted and the south tower was incomplete until finally, in the 18th century, the towers were completed and bells were added to them.

The Cologne Cathedral stands at a height of 157.25 meters high and is Germany’s second largest and worlds third largest structure. In the 13th century, the construction of the cathedral began and took about 632 years to complete. The cathedral is about 144 meters long and the towers are about 157 meters high and 86 meters broad.

5) Neuschwanstein Castle

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he Neuschwanstein Castle looks like a fairytale castle. Neuschwanstein is a castle of the paradox, it was built in the 19th century in Bavaria, in a time when castles no longer had strategical and defensive purposes.While Neuschwanstein’s look is that of a medieval castle, it was equipped inside with state of the art technology at that time. For example on every floor of the castle, there were toilets with automatic flushing system, as well as an air heating system for the whole castle. Water was supplied by a nearby spring situated at only 200 meters above the castle.Neuschwanstein’s positioning is also a fairytale one. It is located in the Alps in Bavaria, Germany, in a magnificent landscape, on the top of a hill. Neuschwanstein overlooks the Hohenschwangau valley. If you come to visit this castle, you will be amazed by the extremely beautiful landscape that surrounds it.Also, Neuschwanstein lies very close to the town of Fussen, which is also a popular tourist destination in Germany.


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